How I can help




Do you know:

  • what you want to do but are not sure how to get there?
  • where you want to go but are having trouble explaining it to people?
  • Face a challenge and are not sure how to get around it?

Through a combination of workshops, focused interviews and research, I’ll leave you with a step by step, clear and understandable route to achieve your goal. My approach includes; 

  • financial modelling
  • product mapping
  • company structuring
  • stakeholder mapping
  • market analysis
  • pitch deck creation

Read more about a recent case study here (Vivum Health).

"If the art of war was written by startup strategist Will would have been the author." - Harley Morlet, Co-founder, Tail.at


startup co-pilot

want to start something but need a hand getting your idea off of the ground?

I am a seasoned cofounder who can help get your business off the ground. I can help your business launch a new product in an agile manner. Often, when working on business strategy there is a need for execution. In projects where there is the right cultural fit, I am able to join the project to get it through the launch phase.

Read more about a recent case study here (Chateau de La Salle).

"Without Will’s help in kick starting the business I would not be in a position to continue to grow our small but vibrant community and have much to be grateful for." Jessica de La Chesnais, CEO & Co-founder Chateau de La Salle


Innovation programmes

I’ve spent the last six years at the centre of Europe’s largest startup ecosystem. I often joke to friends that I ‘speak startup’. If you want to design a startup a programme or event to create new ideas or engage tomorrow’s entrepreneurial success story then I can:

  • Design incubation programmes
  • Organise entrepreneur meetups
  • Create open innovation programmes
  • Organise hackathons and idea workshops

Read more about a recent case study here (Marriott Test Bed).

"Will is our 'go to' guy when we need to reach out to best entrepreneurs and innovators. He understands how startups think and therefore how best to work with them." Guy Kedar, Head of Innovation, Wavemaker


Mentoring and coaching

Entrepreneurship is lonely. And there’s is no one “how to be an entrepreneur guide" that works for everyone. I offer entrepreneurs a sympathetic ear and strategic mentoring. Sometimes, just the action of speaking to someone outside of your business environment is all you need to think clearly about the next steps. 

I have started, worked with or managed over 40 businesses over my 12 year career. I have first hand experience working with startups with a turnover of less than £10k all the way up to multinational corporates with turnovers in the hundreds of millions. In each case I became obsessed with understanding how they work, how they think and what they did well. I now apply this knowledge to help those who are new to business learn whilst doing. If you know you have what it takes to be successful but need a guiding hand, then get in touch. 

Read more about a recent case study here (Sorted Pills).

"Every time I speak to Will, I leave with a sense of clarity about what I'm doing and where I'm going. He has a way of rapidly understanding issues and helping me to see a clear route to success." Max Kerz, Vivum Health


Public Speaking

I have spoken at events in 10 countries around the globe on creativity, entrepreneurship and startup ecosystems. I’ve lectured in creative entrepreneurship at ESCP Business School in Paris, moderated a panel on digital economies for the British Council in Montenegro and hosted a round table on sustainable community led business at the True Nature festival in Thailand. 

I speak on a range of topics, drawing expertise and knowledge from my network. 

  • Creative entrepreneurship
  • How to develop the perfect strategy 
  • Mission led leadership
  • Creating a startup ecosystem
  • Digital economies

I am familiar with the entrepreneurial ecosystems in Poland, Montenegro, Germany, The Netherlands, Serbia, Vietnam, Thailand, France, Norway and the UK. 


"Will is a natural story teller. He's the kind of speaker that can turn a room full of quiet people into an electric atmosphere." David Gunn, Founder, Something More Near


Read more about a recent case study here (ESCP Business School).