Mentorship and coaching


"Every time I speak to Will, I leave with a sense of clarity about what I'm doing and where I'm going. He has a way of rapidly understanding issues and helping me to see a clear route to success." Max Kerz, Founder, Vivum Health


Entrepreneurship is lonely. And there’s is no one “how to be an entrepreneur guide" that works for everyone. I offer entrepreneurs a sympathetic ear and strategic mentoring. Sometimes, just the action of speaking to someone outside of your business environment is all you need to think clearly about the next steps. 

I have either worked with, or managed, over 40 business across my 12-year career. I have first-hand experience of working with a diverse range of business, from startups turning over less than £10k, to multinational corporates turning over hundreds of millions of pounds. I now apply this knowledge when helping those who are new to business to learn whilst doing.

If you know you have what it takes to be successful but need a guiding hand, then get in touch. 

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