Here are some examples of my work.



de la salle

Chateau de la salle - Entrepreurial co-pilot

In Spring 2017, I left my London life and moved to a 2.4sqkm chateau estate in Burgundy. I was asked by the heiress to the estate to help her share its beautiful, peaceful, rural atmosphere with others in a way that delivered significant social impact and commercial viability. 

Chateau de La Salle is a place where people stay to create and work on new ideas, projects and connections. My role has been to create the value proposition from scratch, pull together a team and build an investment case to fund the renovation of the 9,000sqm the chateau buildings. Our first year saw us host 170 visitors and deliver four sold out events over a four month period. We are now building on these successes in 2018 with a plan to launch to the public in early 2019.

Our website is in development but you can follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.

"Without Will’s help in kick starting the business I would not be in a position to continue to grow our small but vibrant community and have much to be grateful for." Jessica de La Chesnais, CEO & Co-founder Chateau de La Salle

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Vivum Health - Business strategy

I met Max Kerz whilst he was studying a PhD in Bio Informatics at King College. I was immediately blown away by his intelligence and aptitude for the field. His PhD project used used Fitbit devices to track the deterioration of patients suffering from schizophrenia in order to monitor their health. He came to me with the idea of using mobile accelerometer data for remote triage. 

Over the next 12 months we worked together to create a strategy to get a working prototype off of the ground. This project involved three complete pivots of the product, winning a hackathon and getting accepted onto King's College's accelerator programme. 

Eventually Vivum focused on customer-owned personal records, with a view to allowing doctors to continue to monitor patient progress remotely through the app interface. This reduces the need for less frequent checkups if the symptoms decline and also gives the doctor a richer data set when making treatment decisions. 

Max has now secured a clinical trial of his product with a leading London hospital. He has grown his founding team. Following the completion of the project I continue to catch up with Max on a monthly basis to act as a strategic sounding board.

You can find out more about Max here and stay close to Vivum on their website and twitter

"Every time I speak to Will, I leave with a sense of clarity about what I'm doing and where I'm going. He has a way of rapidly understanding issues and helping me to see a clear route to success." Max Kerz, Founder, Vivum Health


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sorted health - Mentoring

Joel was an established bitcoin entrepreneur who set out to tackle one of the of the world's biggest problems; the hangover. Working with a team of chemists he created an evanescent tablet that is packed with helpful vitamins and plant extracts designed to help ease the impact of a fast-paced lifestyle on the body. 

With a winning formula and natural flair for promotion, Joel was able to drum up rapid support. However, solo entrepreneurship can be tough. Over the past 18 months, Joel and I have caught up once a fortnight to address the issues that the business faces. We have used our time to help define a positive direction for Sorted. 

Find out more about Sorted here and follow them on Instagram

"Will has been at the centre of every major decision we’ve made. I wish he would accept my almost monthly job offer." Joel Moss, Founder, Sorted ®