ML001: How would you fight cancer? with Neil Daly, Founder, Skin Analytics

In this episode, I got a chance to catch up with Neil Daly, Founder of Skin Analytics. As we learn in this episode Neil was passionate about using mobile technology to improve healthcare. Hailing from Australia, where two in three people will get skin cancer in their life time, Neil set upon a six year journey to develop a a way to use a mobile phone camera to enable the early detection of melanoma.

This approach is revolutionary. If someone ask you how you would fight cancer, and you have no background in healthcare, what would you do?

If you catch melanoma early, the treatment can have up to a 95% survival rate and the treatment is surgical as opposed to the onerous treatments of radio and chemo therapy. So to rather than curing cancer Neil developed a way to make detection cheap and convenient for anyone with a mobile phone. 

Neil is the kind of guy who comes across as super smart and composed, like he’s always known what to do next. So it was an absolute pleasure to finally get the chance to ask him more about his journey, which paints a surprising and honest account on just how tough the journey has been. 

I learned lots from this discussion and I hope you do too.