About Me

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I am a strategist with a passion for developing creative solutions to everyday problems. I work with people who want to make their ideas into a viable project or business. My career spans finance, entrepreneurship and consultancy, with a common theme of working on interesting programmes and innovative projects.

I currently move between London and a fairy tale chateau in Burgundy, France, where I am working to transform it into a thriving project space for creativity and innovation. Chateau de La Salle has over 9,000sqm of buildings and 2.4sqkm of land, waiting to be used by entrepreneurs and creative professionals looking to escape the confines of dense urban environments to work on their ideas. 

Before my current venture I was Head of Strategy at The Trampery, a social enterprise that uses workspace to support and grow early-stage businesses. Under my stewardship I redesigned the business’ operating model, improved its customer offering and developed new sources of revenue from existing sites. In doing so I increased occupancy across it’s workspaces to 95%, closed a £2.3m funding deal from the EU and oversaw the opening a new sites and a stream of new projects. I also developed its newly founded consulting business which included work delivering projects across the UK and Europe. 

I cut my commercial teeth turning around underperforming businesses during the financial crisis whilst working at Lloyds Bank. This process saw me become proficient at working with capital starved businesses, helping them increase revenue and gain investment. I continue to apply these learnings to the many startups I advise. Following Lloyds, I worked with the impact investment fund Bridges Ventures, where I worked with the social sector funds team to analyse social enterprise business models for commercial viability. I later went on to work with some of Bridges’ investment portfolio companies assisting them with the delivery of their social impact bond funded projects. 

I am an entrepreneur, a self-confessed strategy geek and intrepid adventurer. I hold a Master’s degree in Physics from the University of Reading. I mentor and advise numerous tech startups and entrepreneurs. I have given talks on creative entrepreneurship and startup business strategy in over six countries and for institutions such as the British Council and ESCP Business School in Paris. When not ‘strategising’ I run stages at music festivals across the UK and Europe, climb mountains and sail. 

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